Who are we ?


The Glenroy Art Group was established in 1966 the first members set up a Studio in an abondoned loft at
Wiseman house Glenroy.
Our next location was at Bass St Glenroy which they turned into the
Bass Street Creative Art Centre sharing with the Pascoe Vale Hand Spinners and Weavers.

Now our meetings and Art Shows are at the Pascoe Vale Neighbourhood Facility at the Pascoe Vale Swimming Pool site,
where members meet on Monday mornings and Thursday night and once a month on a Wednesday.

We are always looking for more members so come and create with us.

Some fun times stories below.

While staying at Jane Murphy's hotel in Violet Town, we were told of a little old house a few miles
away which would make a good painting. We piled into the cars and set out to find it.
And there it was, empty and neglected. A great painting. We had a good look around and picked our spots to paint from.

All of a suddenthere was the roar of a motor and a very angry man brandishing a shot gun, screaming for
us to get out of his property.
JB very bravely went up to him and explained the situation and calmed him down. He then gave us
permission to paint there.
It appears the house we were sent to was further up the road.
Half an hour later he was back with his wife, a lovely lady and invited us to a BBQ tea which consisted of
a whole half sheep. We had a wonderful time. We all took our paintings to show what we had doneand Ed
offered one of his paintings to Shirley (wife). She couldnt decide which one so he gave her the two.
They came to our next show and I was the lucky one whos painting they bought. "A vase of flowers"

It happened to be Heather Ewart (daughter) of T.V. fame's mother & father we were mixing with and Shirley Ewart
was a big wig running (or helping) the Royal Melbourne Show.


Story above by Yvonne Couch


A painting weekend to Violet Town some staying at the hotel others at the farmhouse both the property of Jane our host.
We all ate at the hotel together. Members staying at the farm were woken at 3am by J.B. to watch Hayleys Comet flash across the
dark expanse of sky. It was magnificent.


An outing to Williamstown, glenty of good subject matter there. One member brought a large tarpulin which was spread on the
grass, time passes, without warning the tarpulin starts to rise slowly, sprinklers automatically turned on, one member M.T. refuses to
dash clear as we all did. She rose majestically, does not loose her cool, ignores the fact she is getting wet.
Some good paintings resulted that day.


One of our members went to Western Australia, on her return she informed us she had married.
We were not convinced! So we arranged a wedding, guests, attendants, minister J.D. & reception just to be sure.


Trip to Hamilton we spent a day at Port Fairy. We were requested to wear our name badges, under
threat of fine. M.G. hadn't hers with her. I had two so we had two I.B's on that expedition. I can not enter Port Fairy to this day.


After our "Art Show" we usually had a party. Dancing the Hokey Pokey. The Conga, YMCA, etc and others barely recognisable.
Christmas Party Dressup was the order of the day.


Above stories by I.B.


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